Red Drum Sheds / Jams

Drum sheds / jams bring together Drummers (and Bassists are also VERY Welcome!) from all levels of playing to: jam, learn from each other, share ideas and hangout in a friendly environment.

What is a Drum Shed / Jam? It is an All Ages hangout where we set up multiple drum kits and sometime bass amps & percussion to bring together drummers and bassists from all styles of music and levels of playing and jam / ‘trade 4’s’ and hangout. It is fun but also to inspires musicians to improve their playing and be around other like minded people.

What does a Red Drum Shed look like? Check this video out!

It isn’t a clinic or a competition, it is more to do with encouraging each other and sharing ideas. Check out the videos below and email us for more information or to book a Shed near you!



Are the sheds EDUCATIONAL?
Absolutely, we are ultimately interested in people being inspired to play the drums and bass as well as to learn new concepts and ideas. The feedback we commonly receive is that the sheds inspire people to want to practice, learn and play more. We have had first time drummers come along who link up with a drum teacher at the shed and have many times had drummers lead spontaneous lessons during a shed. We have often held sheds in collaboration with music schools - such as at the Great Lakes Drum Co. in New Zealand

Where are the sheds held?
We are open to holding drum and bass sheds anywhere - including a literal shed. We have held them in rehearsal rooms, church halls, lounge rooms, outdoors, in a library and warehouses.

What's the purpose of a Red Drum and Bass Shed?
Our hope is that everyone who comes to a shed will come away with new ideas and inspiration to take their playing to another level as well as build connections with others within their local community.

How does jamming with others help promote positive mental health?
You don't have to search for long to find a plethora of research studies which suggest strong links between development of positive mental health and making music/jamming.
Sheds enable people to learn, improve their skills, connect with others and expel built up energy through cathartic release on the drums and bass.

If you have come along to a Red Drum Shed please consider making a donation to the operating expenses that we incur.

There is never an entry fee or charge for coming along because we want everyone to feel welcome and included without needing to pay for entry.

The costs for running these events are include hire fees for the building, travel/accomodation for the Red Shed team, repairs to the drums and equipment and catering as well as numerous miscellaneous expenses.



Email Dylan for more info. on these events:

 Friday May 17 Icehouse Jazz Rhythm Summit 6pm

55 River St Bethlehem PA  

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Saturday May 18  5.30 - 8.30pm

820 E. Wintergreen Rd Cedar Hill TX



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