United Kingdom

Francesco Borrelli - London

Francesco Borrelli is a session drummer currently touring with the UK Pink Floyd Experience. He was born in Napoli on November 15th, 1994. Since his early years, Francesco showed a predisposition for music, especially for drums, pots, and pans. He had his first real drum lesson in 2001 at the age of 7 with his first teacher, Bruno Mauro.
In 2006, he joined the Beat Jack band and participated in many Italian festivals, such as the Pansini Rock Contest and Rock Targato Italia. He also recorded drums on his first EP with the band. Francesco then moved on to a different teacher, Antonio Buonomo, a percussion
teacher at the San Pietro a Maiella Conservatory in Napoli, where he started to approach
classical study and learn piano and solfeggio. In 2009, he met Mariano Barba, a renowned Italian drummer, and had a very intense course that drastically changed his playing.

Francesco joined a stoner rock band called Big Ben Shout in 2012, when he was 17, and started to experience important Italian stages and international festivals such as Be
Alternative Live and Tekila Sound Live, where he achieved the award of Best Drummer. In 2014, at the age of 19, Francesco was admitted to the Tech Music School in London, where he had the chance to meet important musicians such as Steve Jordan, Benny Grebb, and Mark Guliana, from whom he learned different bits to add to his style. During those years, he played the drums on two EPs, Iako – Queen of Balance and Alessio Martin – Pruning Colours, and experienced important UK stages such as O2 Shepperd’s Bush. In 2018, Francesco joined the UK Pink Floyd Experience and started to play in major theaters worldwide. Currently, he is also involved in many creative projects and teaching works.
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Born and raised in Staffordshire, UK Jesse discovered his passion for drumming on his lunch break at high school at 14 years old, when he found a drum kit that had been left out in the music room. After a few minutes he’d worked out how to play a 4/4 groove and has been obsessed ever since!
After studying music at college, Jesse started a drum school offering lessons to local children and adults. He currently teaches at a studio in Draycott on the Moors in Staffordshire and also offers lesson at pupil’s homes.
Jesse is currently playing live and recording with The Ežys, a Staffordshire based indie-rock band.
“Red Cymbals tick all of my boxes as an artist and as a teacher - they look and sound amazing on stage and in the studio. The customer service is second to none, what more could I ask for?” - Jesse Weston