True Vibe Drum Mounts aka Booty Shakers by TnR

True Vibe by TnR Products previously known as Booty Shakers (they have been upgraded) are isolation mounts for the floor tom or stand mounted toms / snares.
Check out the info. and videos below for more information.
TnR TrueVibe (snare stand) iso-mounts float and decouple any drum mounted in a snare stand without connecting to or adding mass. The drum is now free to speak without being restricted.
  • ~ decrease odd over/undertones

    ~ clearer highs and deeper lows

    ~ improve projection

    ~ increase tuning range

TnR TrueVibe (floor tom) iso-mounts decouple the legs from the floor allowing them to vibrate with the drum. Now we hear the deep resonant tone come back along with a smooth and even decay. It's the quality and richness of sound that we are after.

~ enhanced punch

~ deep fundamental note

~ even smooth decay

~ improved dynamics and response