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Vertical Drum Co.

Vertical Drum Co. Intro 6.5×14” 6-Ply Snare Drum

Vertical Drum Co. Intro 6.5×14” 6-Ply Snare Drum

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The Vertical Drum Co. 'Intro' 6.5×14 6-Ply Snare Drum is hand made in the USA.
We are the Australian and New Zealand Distributors - however if you are outside of Australia or New Zealand go directly to the Vertical Drum Co. to order.

We have these made to order and don't always carry stock. Allow 5-6 weeks for delivery of your snare if out of stock. We will always endeavour to get it to you sooner of course.

  • 6-ply wood shell (mahogany or walnut)
  • satin lacquer finish
  • 45-degree bearing edges
  • 30-strand German metal snare wires
  • Inde throw off
  • Evans HD Dry batter head
  • Evans 300 Snare Side head

Description from Vertical Drum Co.

We’ve had so much feedback in just a few short months of our business being launched.  We’re hearing from churches, endorsing artists, other musicians, and we’ve spent some time chatting with the one and only Nate Testa.  Nate’s an expert on drumming in churches and does drum kit maintenance and tuning for tons of different churches.  He echoed exactly what everyone else said, we need a less expensive offering that sounds amazing and still fits the bill of what Vertical Drum Co does.  So we took his input to heart and let him help us design the key aspects of what was needed.  Mahogany, walnut, and cherry for wood choice since all three offer great tone for church settings, an Inde throw so it will last basically forever, and 45-degree bearing edges of course. 

So, introducing the Intro.  See what I did there?  I don’t even think it needs much of an introduction but here it is anyhow since my people told me we need some clever text for the product page on the website.

The Intro is thicker than normal 6-ply wood shell made specifically for churches and worship drummers.  We’ve done everything we can to keep the cost low and to make sure that you are not sacrificing quality for the budget.  That’s why we let you choose from mahogany, walnut and cherry for the shell.  Each are sealed with a hand-rubbed oil and a satin lacquer, built using the finest components.  Our first snare with single point 2-sided agile lugs so it has a pretty unique look on a drum that’s super easy to maintain.  We did every possible thing we could to make this one easy to tune, so you have dual 45-degree bearing edges and generous snare beds.  A rugged Inde throw makes sure to keep the reliability we’re known for, we don’t want you using a cheap throw off that could fail at any point during a worship set!  And you get our German metal snare wires that are consistent and always pack a punch.

Trying to choose between the three wood species?  Here’s the low down.  Mahogany offers a short sustain and a fat, dark tone.  We think it’s perfect for most churches, especially those utilizing smaller spaces.  Walnut offers a warmer, more sustained tone that is still fairly dark.  Cherry mixes the two worlds and adds a bit of punch to the mix.  They are all incredible builds so don’t stress that decision too much, we just wanted to make sure you had some options here since these snares are less “custom” than the rest of our offerings.

See these drums in action (headphones on for better sound quality please).

Walnut (low tuning):

Walnut (high tuning)



Cherry Ghost Note Demo:



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