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Vertical Drum Co. Pre-Chorus 14" x 6.5" Aluminium Snare Drum

Vertical Drum Co. Pre-Chorus 14" x 6.5" Aluminium Snare Drum

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The Vertical Drum Co. 'Pre-Chorus' 14" x 6.5" Aluminium Snare Drum is hand made in the USA.
We are the Australian and New Zealand Distributors - however if you are outside of Australia or New Zealand go directly to the Vertical Drum Co. to order.

We have these made to order and don't always carry stock. Allow 5-6 weeks for delivery of your snare if out of stock. We will always endeavour to get it to you sooner of course.
See below for demos and specs on this snare:

  • 6.5×14 seamless spun beaded aluminum shell
  • 3.5″ tube lugs
  • 2.3mm triple flanged hoops
  • Trick strainer/throw
  • 25-strand German snare wires
  • 10-lug construction for max versatility
  • Evans HD Dry coated batter head
  • Evans 300 snare side head


Vertical Drum Co. name all of the snare drums after parts of songs so of course they had to hold true with this one and name it the Prechorus.  The Prechorus is the drum that you love playing and the classic tones keep you coming back for more.  It’s also the most affordable snare in the lineup.  Made from a 6.5×14 spun aluminum snare shell with a center bead, tube lugs and all the upgrades.  Trick throw, 25-strand German snare wires, Evans HD Dry coated batter head, Evans 300 snare side head, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops.  The aim here is to create the snare drum that gives you classic tones and perfect consistency.  Those warm, classic tones, are what we’ve all come to know and love from an aluminum shell, and this one sounds amazing.  Tune it high, medium, or low.  Play it for worship, in a club, or for a live recording.  Classic versatility and amazing tone in a semi-custom package.

This snare drum comes as a 10-lug construction to make it as versatile as possible.  For a drum this size, we find that 10 lugs gives you the perfect tuning range while still keeping the drum versatile so you can tune it low or crank it high. 

See this drum in action (headphones on for better sound quality please):



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